Remove & Rebuild

Renovate or Rebuild?

Weighing up the benefits of renovating versus building new calls for a list of the pros and cons that takes in every eventuality.

We’ve heard plenty of renovation horror stories where hidden issues caused cost blowouts; “it would have been cheaper to build from scratch,” is a common refrain. If your renovation project is an old house consider the potential problems hidden behind walls, ceilings or under the floors; has rot taken hold, is the wiring up to standard?

Renovating also leads to compromises in how healthy your home is and how efficiently it uses power. Will a renovated home combat damp as well as a new one, and how easy will it be to heat?

There are also the potential compromises in the lifestyle you’re going to enjoy; where’s the sunlight coming from, what about indoor/outdoor flow, is there space for a teenager zone, how many bathrooms will you get?

Remove & Rebuild Process

Woman Planning

Do a bit of research

Talk to our designers and figure out if it’s possible to subdivide. Estimate the potential cost.

Planning Copy

Development report

Review both the sub-division and civil costs. Determine the process to the title issue.


Other reports

Get geotech, topographical and specialist reports if needed (like flood assessment or arborist).

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Work out your design, the site layout and details like driveways.

THS Homes blueprints new home plans investors

Resource consent

Get your resource consent documentation along with engineering approval.

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Development contributions

Watercare growth and infrastructure.


Building consent and construction

It’s time to build.

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Our Awards

Jalcon has won 90 awards, more than any other home builder in Auckland. The fact that we keep receiving this recognition is due to our attention to detail and commitment to craftsmanship – as well as our commitment to creating homes as unique as the people who inhabit them. We want the quality to be obvious as soon as you step in the door, so we make sure that before the awards are given out, we’ve already won the approval of our customers.

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Design for Living

When we build homes we’re not just thinking about the physical building, but the lives of the people who will be living there as well. New homes need to be flexible enough to adapt with the changing needs of a growing family. Whether you work from home, want a zone for teenagers or an outside granny flat, we’ll have these conversations early on so we can design you a home for the future.

Next Steps

We offer a free site consultation for anyone who’s interested in remove and rebuild. Get in touch and we’ll set up a time that’s convenient for you – someone from our team will view the site and get the process started.


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Design & Build Team

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Our Solutions

There are many reasons to build from scratch rather than choose from existing houses for sale. Whatever method is right for your situation, we have the expertise and experience to build you a quality home.