Architectural Design

Architectural Design

Styled after you

Your unique style will be the guiding force behind all of our design decisions. Specifications, finishes and colour schemes – everything will be done to your taste. We encourage all of our clients to imagine their dream home and create a scrapbook of ideas, so we can inject their personality into the home at every stage.

Our design philosophy is all about creating a home that’s as unique as you are. With no standard plans, the freedom to dream is a big part of working with Jalcon. Our team of design experts will do everything to bring your ideas to life and build the perfect home for your life.

Our design team

Cameron has a fantastic in-house team with vast experience and knowledge. This team consists of 10 in-house designers and architectural technicians.



Meet the design team


Cameron Baker, Design Manager

NZCAD, ADNZ professional member, LBP

Cameron brings vast experience and know-how to the team at Jalcon. This enables him to make sure everything runs smoothly – if a problem arises, it’s likely that he’s has seen it all before. For the last 28 years Cameron has been working in residential construction and has designed numerous bespoke and terraced homes. He’s passionate about the care and commitment that goes into creating a unique house. You know you’re in safe hands with Cameron and you’ll be getting a level of quality that’s only possible after years spent perfecting a craft.


Nicole Yelavich, Architectural Designer

Bachelor of Architectural Studies (BAS), Master of Architectural Professional (March (Prof))

Nicole’s philosophy is that a home should reflect the people who live there. She designs homes from the inside out, considering first how the family plan to live, how spaces will feel, how much light will come in and what the views will be when looking out. Nicole has had an infatuation with architecture and design from a young age. She is passionate about building sustainably and considers how design can affect the health and enjoyment of a home long after the first occupants move on.

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Our Awards

Jalcon has won 90 awards, more than any other home builder in Auckland. The fact that we keep receiving this recognition is due to our attention to detail and commitment to craftsmanship – as well as our commitment to creating homes as unique as the people who inhabit them. We want the quality to be obvious as soon as you step in the door, so we make sure that before the awards are given out, we’ve already won the approval of our customers.

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Designed for living

When we build homes we’re not just thinking about the physical building, but the lives of the people who will be living there as well. New homes need to be flexible enough to adapt with the changing needs of a growing family. Whether you work from home, want a zone for teenagers or an outside granny flat, we’ll have these conversations early on so we can design you a home for the future.