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Buying a home
with Jalcon

Our Process

New to buying off-plan? We’ve made it as easy as possible to purchase a home with us. It’s a simple three stage process, and we’re here to answer questions every step of the way.

Step One

Find your perfect home

Have a chat to our Sales Specialists and explore options to suit your ideal location, budget, and the kind of lifestyle you want to live. You’ll see architectural renders so you can visualise your new home. From flooring to plush carpets and shower fittings, we’ll talk you through everything.

We’ll give you information so you know exactly what you’re getting: floor plans, renders, kitchen and electrical plans, a schedule of finishes and the interiors colour sheet, along with the Sales & Purchase agreement, which you can send to your bank and lawyer.

Step Two

Finance and agreements

On signing the Agreement, you’ll have 10 working days to complete due diligence, secure any finance you need, and ensure you’re happy with the contract we’ve both signed. The property remains on the market until finance/legal requirements are satisfied and you are declared unconditional.

Then it’s officially yours! It’s a good idea to have pre-approval for a loan, as this helps clarify your budget and speed up the purchasing process.

Note: In some instances, where there is a lot of interest in a home(s), we will enter into a multi-offer situation to make it as fair as possible for all interested parties. If this does happen, your sales specialist will talk you through the process.

Step Three

Build and move in

Once construction starts (or it might already have started, pending when you purchase), we’ll provide you with email updates at the key milestones of the build, so you can see your new home take shape.

Once the interior work has started and the site is safe for visitors, we’ll arrange a walk-through of your home so you can really start picturing your new life in it. Once the home is completed, you’ll be free to take the keys and move on in!