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Built with heart
for your joy

For nearly 30 years of helping to shape this beautiful city we’ve stuck to some fundamental beliefs and principles. They continue to serve us and our customers well.

Design for living

Committed to design to live with meaning

The little things that make you smile. From the way a floorplan adapts to dinner parties, Christmas parties, pyjama parties and running races down the hall; our designs give you the freedom to live in the way that’s meaningful for you.

Quality that endures

Committed to quality for quality of life

We believe that a quality build makes home a joy to be in. For us that means we build to last with a level 6 Homestar rating, pay attention to the smallest detail, have commitment to our craft and consideration at every point. It’s how we’ve become one of Auckland’s most award winning home builders.

Communities that thrive

Committed to modern Auckland neighbourhoods

We think home is more than four walls: it’s our street, our community, it's the city we love. Our neighbourhoods include shared and green spaces to reflect, replenish and draw people together. We’re proud to be helping shape our modern Auckland with communities designed with connection and wellbeing at heart.

Build for the future

Committed to a brighter tomorrow

As our city grows and matures, we treasure its history and natural environments. Forever building better, smarter and more sustainably, we can ensure our Auckland remains beautiful for future generations.

Here for the joy of home

Committed to the joy of our home

We’re proud to bring joy to new home owners and contribute to this beautiful, liveable city we call home. It’s a passion that runs through Jalcon’s three generations of family, and into the team members we call family too.

Discover more Joy

Buying with Jalcon

New to buying off-plan? We’ve made it as easy as possible to purchase a home with us. It’s a simple three stage process, and we’re here to answer questions every step of the way.

Our People

With long-term passion and commitment running through three generations of family, and into the team members we call family too, we’re experienced, proven and here to bring our best to every home we build.

In Great Company

We love this city. And for nearly 30 years we’ve been meticulously designing and building homes at the heart of Auckland’s most contemporary and desirable communities. We’re proud to contribute
to this liveable city we call home.